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January 29th, 2003

Condingup to some old homestead 110km up the track
115 km (71.3 mi)

Got up at the usual time, soon joined Kevin for coffee. Everyone else was soon up and running around. Louise gave me all kinds of yummy food...Christmas candy, half of a carrot cake, peas, corn, sprouts, lasange, and fried rice. We all said our goodbyes and I left around 9am. The lasange kept calling me from my front pannier, so it didn't even make it 5km.

The ride was pretty uneventful today. This road is unsealed for the large majority of it, hence there is hardly any traffic. Had a pretty good tailwind so the ride was pretty fast. I was hitting the rocks pretty hard and soon my back tire started leaking, so I stopped. All within the hour I stopped I put on a new tire and tube, fixed a rack bolt, and changed a spoke. Wasn't but 30 minutes later that I hit a rock and got a flat on the back.

I'm at this little old homestead right now. I had heard about it and it was just in the perfect spot for stopping for the day. Sign says it has been here since 1890. Inside there are all kinds of things. Religious books, guest book, tabliod trash and fishing magazines. The wind keeps blowing in through all the cracks in the walls. I went to make dinner and came across some food that I had forgotten about, cheese and mushrooms. It smelled like a urinal in a camper, worse yet it was multiplying via maggots, ewww. Oh yeah, speaking of which, flies have been terrible, had to have the $4.71 Normanton, QLD headnet on today they were so bad.

I've eaten most of Louise's yummy food by this point and all of it has hit me by time for bed.


Condingup, WA

leaving the house...

Condingup, WA

Condingup, WA

Condingup, WA

Condingup, WA

near Condingup, WA

here we go up the dirt track

near Condingup, WA

ne of Condingup, WA


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